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Homes of the Future Installation Tips for Smart Home Devices in the Philippines


Homes of the Future: Installation Tips for Smart Home Devices in the Philippines

“Viral” is a word that is used to describe any piece of information, video, or image which has been shared from one online user to another at a fast rate onto a mass audience. This is also true with the trends in technology going about in our daily lives in the present. Now, there are even smart home devices in the Philippines and across the globe for everyone to use.

Technology has become a widespread phenomenon that has revolutionized life as the world sees it. Aligned with this idea, the modern lifestyle has never been the same with smart home automation and the advantages it delivers to homeowners. This innovation has certainly come a long way from its trial-and-error beginnings in the past. Now, it allows more room for the development of applications that can be incorporated into and smart devices in the Philippines are just one of them.

If you are reading this, you are probably curious about the mechanism and practices that come with smart home devices and how you can employ for your personal use. Well, you’re in luck because here are some of the installation tips that you can use when you are prepared to revitalize your home in the Philippines with smart devices.


3 Things You Need to Know About Smart Home Devices in the Philippines

3 Things You Need to Know About Smart Home Devices Philippines

The power of information can be seen with the invention of smart home devices, not only in the Philippines but even worldwide. The idea to create smart home devices was influenced by the desire of engineers, inventors, and even science fiction authors for a future that will improve present home conditions. The role of the actual gadgets themselves was all based on the foundation of improving the lives of people.

In the past, automated structures were just wishful thinking, with little room for actualization. It used to be a foreshadowing of the future but with the technology that people enjoy today, it has shed off that image. With the future arriving now, more people are realizing the power of interactivity in smart home devices. It is a great improvement in the technology and overall civilization of people since the idea of smart homes remained until recent developments gave way to its realization.

With that, here are all the things you need to know about smart home devices and how you can have a personal experience with its powerful technology:


History of Smart Home Devices

In the early days, smart home automation was simply a futuristic concept. All the great minds at the time agreed that it is far from being a reality. Thanks to the invention of the home appliance, however, people were a step closer towards smart home automation.

The first smart home devices, although different from the technology offered in the market today, marked the beginning of the emergence of a different technology in home living. Although it does not compare to the smart attributes of the devices today, it is an achievement to see it come to it full fruition during the early twentieth century.

According to the IoT Evolution World, this started with the invention of the engine-powered vacuum cleaner in 1901, followed by the more innovative electric-powered vacuum cleaner in 1907. Since then, this has paved the way for a generation of new ideas that have improved the style and living condition of many. With technologies constantly being innovated, home automation has gone a long way in making home life easier and more convenient for more people.

Now, you are probably thinking, “What does any of this have to do with my decision to install a smart home device in my house?” Well, it is important to know that the technology that you see in the market today did not develop overnight. It has gone through rigorous reinventions and a litany of historical landmarks to be what it is today.

Realizing that the humble beginnings of smart home automation begun with simple appliances will allow you to evaluate and maximize the benefits of these devices in the installation of a domestic technology for your abode. Your existing appliances are an integral part in installing a smart home automation system and you should assess earlier on if they are suitable for a connection to a communication system that can allow you to maximize smart devices to its full extent.


Find a Suitable Control Panel

Having a central control system is one of the greatest benefits of installing a smart home automation device. It is remarkable that with a singular panel, you can control most of the home processes that are essential to your daily lifestyle. Being within reach of a control panel and a remote application will provide you with a more convenient way to accomplish your tasks at home.

The technology has come a long way since the invention of the Sutherland computer, or more commonly known as the ECHO IV (Electronic Computing Home Operator). With the goal of improving the aspects of his family’s home, Jim Sutherland patented and created a new system that allowed them to use a computer to use for the family’s daily activities.

This can be treated as one of the foundations of the central control panels in home automation systems today. The ECHO IV was first used for the computation of shopping lists, controlling the home’s thermostat, and turning appliances on and off. Although this device was not put for sale in the market, it has influenced many great minds to think of more ways to integrate smart devices in their homes.

Today, the control panel systems come in the form of virtual voice-controlled assistants and touch calibration-activated devices that make it easy to control the elements in your home. The notable examples of these control panels are:

  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Amazon’s Echo
  • Google’s Assistant
  • Apple’s Siri


Explore App-Based Automation

App-based automation pretty much relies on the cloud to work. As you may well know, cloud technology is a significant element of the Internet of Things or IoT devices here in the Philippines. But if you have a smart device, then you might already be familiar with this software.

It works by connecting your smart home devices to your central control system via a Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi) network and the devices that are connected to the network can then be controlled by mobile applications. The capabilities of this system are broad as long as you are connected to the internet.

App-based automation heightens the accessibility of home automation for everyone since you only need a smartphone or any smart device and a connection to the internet. Exploring the app-based automation means that you can create a DIY smart home automation without the fuss and frills of purchasing high-end control systems.


What Does It Mean to Have a Smart Home Device in the Philippines?

What Does It Mean to Have a Smart Home Device in the Philippines

A Central Control System is just the start of a home automation system, although there isn’t much use for them if they don’t have something to control. This is where the smart home devices come in. Many different applications are adapted for smart home automation but you should know what types of devices are suitable for your home’s daily processes. Keep in mind that some of these devices do not exactly need to be subjected to home automation. All of these items are based on your level of necessity and suitability.

Identifying devices that you want to use for home automation makes this process much more systemized than it already is. Today’s smart home automation can be used in whichever rooms you choose. Let this serve as your guide in planning your installation of smart home devices because these devices can bring forth the same benefits to your daily home life. Check them all out here!


Home Basics in Smart Automation

You must be wondering what types of devices you should look for to achieve a fully-functioning and highly-beneficial home automation system. These the are the basic installation information in smart homes that you should consider and how you can utilize them according to your needs.


  • Smart Speakers

Probably the most used smart device in many homes, smart speakers are purchased because of their ability to create a better user experience in home automation. With smart speakers, you can do more than just play music. It is also useful for controlling your central command system, accessing information on the internet, knowing weather stats, or acting as your personal assistant.

Voice activated commands take home automation a step further because it maximizes the potential of smart home devices to follow remote commands for the ease-of-use of the homeowner. Whereas the central control system is the brain of the home automation system, voice-activated smart speakers can act as the heart which can put things in motion according to your command.


  • Smart Insulation Systems

Fans and air-conditioning units can now be controlled at a swipe of a finger. This is possible all thanks to app-based automation. Feeling beat because of work?  So fatigued that you can’t move a muscle to ensure that your insulation systems are up and running? Then you can leave it all up to smart insulation systems to relieve you of that stress because the thought that the smart home devices can bring convenience to you is enough to attain that well-deserved peace of mind.


  • Smart Floors

Heated floors are all the rage today, especially in environments in cold climates. You may be intimidated by the luxury that heated floors exude but controlling the temperature of your floors can bring about many health and wellness benefits that will help you in the long run. You should know that there are no smart floor devices out in the market right now but thanks to constant innovation, you can include this in your home automation system by using thermostat controls that you can program to your floors.


  • Light Automation

This can pretty useful particularly in times when you are not home to tend to the security of your property. Light automation can be installed in two ways: The first being, smart light switches, and the second, smart light bulbs. If you want a more affordable option, you should go for a smart light switch because unlike a smart light bulb, you would not need a translator hub for it to work with your smart devices.

Both options can give you the ability to control and dim lights and explore many lighting choices that are suitable for the application that you would want. These systems can even be automated by either apps or control systems!


  • Smart Home Security Devices

As most of you know, one of the most important aspects of a well-built home is the security it brings to those who live in it. Smart home automation has been proven to be advantageous in terms of this feature because it provides a variety of options for home surveillance and safety automation. If you are planning on getting one, you should ask for home sensors, automated locks or surveillance equipment like CCTV.


Benefits of Building a Smart Home in the Philippines

Benefits of Building a Smart Home in the Philippines

In the Philippines, smart home devices are becoming a sound investment in rapid speed. Nowadays, the technology that people use can either harm or benefit them. Smart home automation is the same. With the proper user intention, installing smart home devices will prove to be the best investment for your home.

Having smart home devices means that your standard of living has vastly improved with the help of technology. The concrete benefits of building a home in the Philippines with smart home devices can be seen here, have a look and expect to enjoy the same advantages when you install them on your own property:


Increased Savings

With smart home devices, you can almost immediately notice an increase in your savings because most automated applications can help you save on energy costs. It also helps that the efficiency of these devices mean that they are not subject for a replacement for a long time.

They can give the same optimized benefits with the same high-technology capabilities. You will be surprised to know that you can utilize home automation to prevent your water bills from going through the roof too because certain devices can be used to monitor water usage.


Maximum Security

Smart devices today are becoming popular for their reliability and overall impact on security. In fact, most consumers use home automation solely for this function. Motion sensors can discourage intruders from breaking into your home and a surveillance device can identify people who should not be on the premises of your property. Smart locks can also secure your home further because you can program it according to your personal needs.


Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Remote automation offers convenience. With these devices, you can better control your home functions and improve the quality of living within. You are in full control of the processes and functions in your home; in other words, a customized solution for improving daily living. These devices improve the quality to the way you are living now and it is great that you can achieve this with little to no effort coming from your end. Needless to say, you will not relinquish control to the devices, in fact, it is the other way around. With these smart home devices, you can always feel at ease with how your home functions.


Maximizing Technology and Building a Future with Alchemist Multimedia


Smart home devices in the Philippines are a testament that the future is here. Long gone are the days of envisioning a future with smart home automation as the center of an improved state of living. With the constant innovation in technology, there is much more to be said for the creation of smart home devices.

There is no denying it; this is an era of technology. That is why we here at Alchemist Multimedia would be more than happy to bring the future to you with innovative and top-notch ideas in the field of online marketing and brand solutions that will propel your business to the top. We specialize in a wide array of applications such as digital media, advertising, and fabrication – everything that you can use in the promotion of your products or services.

We are the team to connect with if you are looking for the best service. Leave us a message here so we can start discussing a brighter, more advanced future with you!

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