Corporate Gadget Giveaways

Why Corporate Gadget Giveaways Can Be Great for Raising Company Morale

Why Corporate Gadget Giveaways Can Be Great for Raising Company Morale

When it comes to raising company morale, it can take a lot of effort on management’s part. Think of it this way: when you’re running a company, you’re going to need your people to pull together. However, when stress takes over and deadlines become imminent, how can morale be raised? This is where the concept of corporate gadget giveaways comes into the picture! With these in store for every employee, morale is sure to be raised!

Nowadays, various corporations can offer their employees numerous incentives for their participation and/or service. Things such as gadgets, gift certificates, and whatnot all have the same capability to raise company morale, the spirits of those who work side-by-side together every day from 9 to 5. Of course, before we get more into this, it’s important to learn more about this piece’s focus: corporate gadget giveaways.


What Are Corporate Gadget Giveaways

What Are Corporate Gadget Giveaways?

As mentioned before, there are various forms of corporate giveaways that can be availed for various purposes, whether it be a corporate meeting, seminar, or even something as simple as a fun getaway with co-workers.

In any case, corporate gadget giveaways are meant to gift employees with what it’s meant for: gadgets. Since gadgets are the main focus in this type of corporate giveaway, it’s best to highlight some of the best gadget giveaways there are!

Kinds of Corporate Gadget Giveaways

Gadgets can come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, the world nowadays can showcase a whole variety of them. In the case of corporate gadget giveaways, there are more and more types of gadgets that can be great for gifting. Here are some of the best examples of corporate gadget giveaways:


  • Kitchen Appliances

These gadgets are some of the most recognizable kinds of corporate gadget giveaways, especially when it comes to today’s modernity in technology. Smart devices (which will be discussed further) are now more apparent than they were when they were first introduced. With the marvels of technology present in many of them, being able to use them will be a piece of cake!

For instance, appliances like stoves, rice cookers, and kettles can now be used with the push of a button, instead of having to push different buttons to get the thing to work. Another thing to note with these kinds of corporate gadget giveaways is that they can now be easily carried around, making them great for the one that’s always on-the-go. If you’re thinking about gifting these for your next corporate gadget giveaway, feel free to go all-out with these!


  • Phone and Tablets

Now, these kinds of corporate gadget giveaways are for those companies who choose to really go all-out with their rewards for their employees. In any case, there are a lot of phones you can choose to give away.

From well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Vivo, and Huawei, down to local mobile phone brands can make great corporate giveaway items for any event that your company is involved in. Plus, it’s not just phones, tablets can be a great thing to give as well. There’s nothing like being able to leave a party with a new phone and tablet to enjoy!


  • Game Consoles

For companies who absolutely respect the needs and wants of their gamer employees, this is the perfect corporate gadget giveaway to give to them! The gaming world has evolved substantially and tremendously over the recent years, what with the releases of various game consoles that have literally changed the game.

New games have also been released, with better and improved graphics and gameplay—and with all that in store, why not give away consoles for your corporate gadget giveaway? After all, this can be a great way to show that work isn’t all about being busy and productive—it can also be as fun as anyone would want it to be!


  • USBs

Of course, this is another great gadget to give away for corporate gatherings since, after all, the office is still the main focus in this aspect. In this case, a USB can be great to give as it can equip your employees the extra capacity to store extra files in a safe place.

Generally, the nature of work can still be a lot productive no matter what happens. Nonetheless, innovation can definitely make the flow of work a lot easier, especially when it comes to dealing with numerous documents and files. The USB can be a pretty handy device to use—and with it as a corporate gadget giveaway, simplicity can be at its very best!


  • Laptops and Computers

Of course, when it comes to working, laptops and computers are important gadgets to use as they make everything easier to accomplish! Communication is made easier, storing of important files made much more convenient, and of course, the impact of the internet has shown to cover numerous aspects of this device as with it, a lot of things can be done in one fell swoop.

So, if these are in your list of corporate gadget giveaways, consider your employees, or pretty much anyone who would receive these in any event, the luckiest person out there!


  • Electric Vehicles

This is something that’s not that common in corporate gadget giveaways. Since gadgets can come in different shapes and sizes (as mentioned before), gadgets can also come in the form of vehicles, particularly electric ones.

In this case, the important thing to take note of here is none other than the traveling aspect of work. Commuting is a part of many employee’s lifestyles since it’s one of two ways for them to get to work on a day-to-day basis (the other being driving).

In this case, electric vehicles such as scooters can be something to give away as a grand prize or something (since, let’s face it, giving away a lot of scooters to numerous employees in one snap of a finger can be a bit expensive, to say the least).

These 6 ideas can be great examples to consider, especially when you’re planning a grand gathering with all of your employees. Nonetheless, company morale is another focus of this particular piece, and it’s also right to discuss it even more for the enlightenment of employees and managers alike, most definitely for the executives as well!


What Exactly is Company Morale

What Exactly is Company Morale?

Now, as a regular employee like yourself must’ve heard before, this is actually one of the most talked-about phrases in modern employment. As mentioned before, this phrase can mean a lot of things—but the most common definition of what it means is job satisfaction, employee-management camaraderie, and other things of the sort.

Company morale can be whatever you make it, particularly when it comes to managerial work. In that particular case, management is almost responsible for boosting company morale (almost). Since numerous employees rely on management to keep the company they are working for afloat, morale actually starts from there.

In fact, it’s not just the management that’s responsible for boosting company morale—the employees actually do their part in that aspect. Understandably, there are / will be times where employees can feel that job satisfaction is something that’s unattainable. There are times where the stresses of work can get to the best of people, which in turn, can affect productivity in the office. With that said, being able to work with good people and find satisfaction in what you’re doing is enough to raise company morale. That way, great progress can be ensured and guaranteed to the max!

When it comes to raising morale for the company, corporate gadget giveaways aside, there can also be other ways on how to raise company morale! In this case, here are some of the best ways to do so:


Ways to Raise Company Morale

Ways to Raise Company Morale

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways that you can improve, develop, and undoubtedly elevate company morale:


  • Providing Positive Feedback and Mentorship

When it comes to monitoring employee performance, constructive criticism is often met with polarizing views. While most would think that it is essential for boosting efficiency among employees, others would think that it is unnecessary, and therefore unfair for criticism to be given!

In any case, positive feedback can be instrumental in boosting morale as it encourages employees to keep up the good work. Managers and supervisors can also take the opportunity to provide praise and acknowledgment for an employee’s good deeds every once in a while!

On the other hand, when you notice that some of your employees seem to be struggling, there’s nothing wrong with offering them a little help in the form of mentorship, as it shows that you have their back and that you care for their progress wholeheartedly.


  • Providing Perks, Incentives, and Benefits for Your Employees

Being able to work to earn your own income is surely rewarding in and of itself. With that, you get to plan out your own future and personal goals to get there! So, for managers, why not do something for them?

This is where the importance of perks, incentives, and benefits come in the picture as it not only encourages loyalty from your employees, they also get something to look forward to and get excited about apart from their monthly pay.


  • Showing Respect to Your Employees

Of course, this is one thing that should never be disregarded in all aspects. Respect, in general, can go a long way with your employees—and if you’re a boss that shows them respect, they will show you that same respect right back!

Sure, this can be done in a lot of ways, all of which depends on how you approach them. Either way, this is definitely something that can raise company morale in more ways than one!


  • Encouraging Bonding Activities

It wouldn’t be an extraordinary company if this wasn’t in store for all the employees of any company! Bonding activities such as teambuilding occasions, seminars with fun activities and free food, as well as friendly get-togethers outside of the office can really raise company morale tremendously! Camaraderie is raised between employees, professionalism is respected even more, and above all, the engagement between management and staff can be maximized!

This is also great for those wishing to get to know one another better, which in turn can lead to better cooperation in the office. In fact, the more that CEOs, COOs, and other executives and supervisors engage in these activities that enable to bond with their employees, the more comfortable their employees will be!


Why Raise Company Morale

Why Raise Company Morale?

Raising company morale has become much more flexible in the recent years, especially with corporate gadget giveaways in store for the lucky employees! With that said, however, that very question is actually one of the most self-explanatory statements there is. In fact, the question should be written as: “Why not raise company morale?”

Without company morale, frankly stating, there would be no company that runs as smoothly as desired. There are more and more reasons to consider when it comes to raising company morale, but the results that come from it are all the same—and it’s one of the best ones to behold: a successful company with a positive working atmosphere!

Of course, corporate gadget giveaways and others of the sort are great mediums to consider using when reaching for that goal of raising company morale; but who exactly can you trust when it comes to that specific goal? Luckily for you, the name to trust when it comes to raising all the company morale you want, as well as the one that can really deliver on all of your corporate gadget giveaway needs, is none other than Alchemist Multimedia!


Who is Alchemist Multimedia?

When it comes to purchasing and availing high-quality smart devices in the Philippines and IOT devices for Manila homes and offices, as well as for your corporate gadget giveaways, Alchemist Multimedia can surely deliver for you!

With a vast array of products and services for anyone to choose from and avail for, Alchemist Multimedia is definitely the right option you can trust for any of your corporate events, gatherings, seminars, and/or even something to reward your employees with for the sake of raising company morale!

If you’re interested to learn more about us and what we can do for you, click here!

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