A Comprehensive Look into Branding Insights from Branding Studios in the Philippines

A Comprehensive Look into Branding Insights from Branding Studios in the Philippines

Although usually used interchangeably by most branding studios in the Philippines, the three concepts of brand, branding, and brand identity are entirely different from one another. They all represent an aspect which you want to build within your brand and each of them is absolutely important in ensuring that your business will be as successful as they can possibly be.

Understanding these three concepts is what sets the foundation of a great company. Keep in mind that in a world with thousands of companies vying to be recognized, it’s the brand that truly sets apart a business. it’s also important to take note of the fact that in most cases, it’s the logos and the visuals that truly spark a feeling of familiarity towards a brand. Even the simple mention of a brand’s name can spawn memories and thoughts that pertain to the connections that people have with the said brand!

With that being said, creating a brand is no easy task. Every branding studio in the Philippines can share this sentiment because there is so much to learn before being able to truly create a world-class brand. You need to first understand the difference between the three concepts, the brand, brand identity, and branding. Read on to learn more!

What is a Brand?

What is a Brand

Simply speaking, a brand is a set of intangible assets of a company, service or products. it can be described as an emotional relationship between customers and your business!

Your brand is what the people feel about your company. it is composed of the many ways people are emotionally connected with your brand. When a customer has begun to be emotionally invested in a brand, they become irreplaceable—sometimes even becoming lifelong partners!

A brand is a relationship. It’s a relationship between you and your customers. It brings forth connections at an emotional level. A brand needs to be strong enough to sand out in a densely populated area! In some cases, people are said to fall in love with brands, they fully trust them and believe that they’re way better than any other brand. They would always patronize your products!

Lastly, a brand is a promise to your customers. By delivering on a promise to your customers, you’re ensuring that they’re happy. It will also help build confidence in your own brand!

In essence, a brand is the way that your customers perceive your company.

What is Brand Identity?

What is Brand Identity

Next in line would be brand identity. This is considered to be tangible. It takes advantage of the many senses that people have and uses them to identify with your brand! Brand identity is what you can see, feel, hear, touch, and sometimes, taste. It is the fuel that activates recognition. It sets your brand apart and sets all of your ideas in motion!

To simplify it, your brand identity is everything that your customers can see that is related to your company. they range from things such as the color, logo, typography, as well as the visuals of the website, along with its layout. Other things included are print design and digital design!

For anyone that works in brand identity, it’s common knowledge that their job is mainly to find or create visuals that tell your company’s story. They also aim to help engage with people who are part of your target audience in a relatively meaningful way!

Every time you create new visual content, they should be consistent in appearance with every other piece that showcases your brand identity. The list below enumerates the elements of brand identity:

  • Logo and its differentiation
  • Key color palette
  • Corporate typefaces
  • Standard typography
  • Image style
  • Graphic elements

When compiled together, these form a brand identity guideline that serves as the basis on how to use and create visual brand assets.

The key to having a seamless brand identity is consistency. It allows your audience to build a memory structure around your company and what you have to offer. The consistency in brand identity projects an idea of the corporate culture that surrounds the product. This culture then becomes the brand identity of your organization!

Keep in mind that brand element is a unified terminology for all of its elements. For example, the logo—on its own is not brand identity, but it’s most definitely a part of it.

The brand identity plays a vital role in creating strong and popular brands. In fact, a design is one of the most important tools you can use to embody certain intangibles such as emotion, context, and essence—things that are very important for your customers.

What is Branding?

What is Branding

By incorporating both the intangibles of the brand and the tangibles of the brand identity, you get the process known as branding. It is that disciplined process involved in creating a unique name and image for a company, or its products and services.

When done correctly, branding can fully bring a company to the top!

Branding is all about seizing every opportunity to express why people should choose your brand over another. It uses every aspect discussed in both brand and brand identity in order to improve the whole company. this can lead to outpacing the competition, and equipping employees with some of the best tools and deliverables to reach out to customers!

In essence, branding is the process of communicating characteristics, values, and attributes that clarify what your brand is, while also indicating what it isn’t. At the end of the day, you will be the one to decide on how you can communicate these characteristics, so you have to make sure that you clearly state what you want to be lined with!

In summary, the brand is basically the relationship between your company and your customers. The brand identity is all the visual aspects and designs of your brand. And branding is the process of building awareness among your audience that is expected to lead to a certain level of loyalty.

Every branding studio in the Philippines should at least know the difference between the three. Their knowledge about them can be considered a good basis for gauging how good they are as a branding studio.


Creating Your Own Brand

Creating Your Own Brand

Now that you know the difference between the brand, brand identity, and branding, you should be able to quickly learn about focusing on each of them! First off, you should understand how to create a brand of your own. Every branding studio in the Philippines should at least have an idea on how to create a brand from scratch. It’s the very essence of branding! With that being said, here’s a short step-by-step guide on how you could start creating your brand!

  • Determine your Target Audience

Before any kind of brand creation can happen, you must first identify who you’re going to focus on. By choosing a specific niche, you can tailor almost every other part of your brand building to cater to their needs!

The best way to determine your target is to be extremely specific. The more specific you are, the more streamlined your efforts will be. Once you’ve identified your target audience, try to create a fictional representation of them—some call this representation a buyer persona. Make sure that your buyer persona is as specific as possible. try to include all the essentials such as their age, gender, location, income level, and their job title or status.

According to many great brand studios in the Philippines, understanding your audience is vital in creating a brand in which they as well can understand and relate to. By narrowing down your focus, you will also ensure that your brand message will come across crystal clear to your audience!

Identifying the right target audience will support every other part of your brand creation and marketing strategy.


  • Establish your Brand Mission and Vision Statement

Identify what your company is passionate about. You need to find out what values your business is willing to embody. In essence, your mission statement will define your current purpose for existing. It will then inform every other aspect of your brand building.

Once you have your mission, it should be recognizable in every part of your brand. From the logo to the tagline, message, and personality. Every one of them should reflect your mission.

Keep in mind that the mission statement is not definite. It can change based on the direction in which the company wants itself to go to.

The vision statement is more of a prediction as to what the future state of your company will be. It embodies the hopes and dreams of the company and will usually state long-term goals. It is what provides the company with a direction. Similar to the mission statement, the vision statement outlines the purpose of the organization and provides inspiration to achieve that purpose!

  • Research brands within your industry

Refrain from any kind of imitation within your realm of business. never imitate exactly what the big brands are doing. What you should focus on is to simply be aware of what they do. Remember, the goal is to differentiate yourself from the competition. You must convince customers that purchasing from you is a better decision than purchasing from someone else.

With abundant information about your competition, you will have the capacity to stand out among the many companies that are similar to yours. Research your main competitors as well as the top brands. Study them and see to it that you understand how they have built their brand name. Learn from what they’ve done in the past. Be it a successful project or a failed one, study it and find out what exactly makes them tick!

  • Identify Your Brand’s Key Qualities and Benefits

Even when there are a number of bigger brands with bigger budgets and more resources, there will always be a chance for your brand to succeed. Keep in mind that your products, services, and benefits all belong to you and you alone. You have to figure out what it is that you offer that nobody else is, or can.

Focus on the qualities and benefits that make your brand unique. Give your buyers a reason to choose your brand over another. Once you identify this, your brand creation will near its completion!


  • Create a Tagline and Brand Visuals

Humans are visual creatures. They are way better in remembering things that they see. With that being said, it’s paramount that you create a logo and a tagline to pair it up with. This way you’ll have something to symbolize your brand both from a visual perspective and an auditory one. Your logo will appear on everything that relates to your business. it will, in some sense, become your identity—a visual recognition of your promise.

Of course, you can’t just make a logo willy-nilly. Unless you are a graphic designer of high caliber yourself, it’s best that you hire one to do it for you that way you’ll be able to create one that will be of high quality and great aesthetic appeal!

  • Personify Your Brand

The way you speak to your audience has a big impact on how they’ll communicate with you. That is why you should choose wisely on what kind of brand voice your company will have. Keep in mind that your brand voice is dependent on your mission, vision, audience, and industry. You can choose between a number of different kinds of brand voice.

Basically, you can have any kind of brand voice that you want, for as long as it makes sense and appeals to your target audience. Always remember that it’s your brand voice that facilitates the way in which you connect with your consumers. When you use the most effective brand voice in the correct way, you’ll have an incredibly high chance of connecting with your consumers, and possibly even a wider market!

Aside from your brand voice, you should also take note of your brand’s personality. As with most companies you have to differentiate yourself once again. You can choose between becoming a company that is fun to interact with, or one that is always serious.

This largely depends on your target audience, but sometimes this will entail becoming exactly like other companies. Try to find ways in which your brand’s personality makes it stand out among the rest!

  • Create Your Brand Message

In building a brand, you must, in the clearest way possible, tell your consumers who you are. It would be best done in the brand voice and personality that you embody. The ideal length of this message is one to two sentences

It is incredibly important to make sure that your message is simple and endearing. Keep in mind that your brand message should state to everyone who you are, what you offer; and why they should care.

The brand message is a great opportunity to communicate on a human level. It is a good facet to use to create a direct emotional connection with your consumers.

Some good advice when formulating a brand message: do not focus on what your product can do, rather emphasize why it’s important to your customers.


  • Integrating Your Brand into Your Business

Your brand should be visible. It should be recognizable in every piece of your company’s assets. This way, clients or customers that enter your company will see the designs and logos all over, ensuring an increase in your brand’s awareness starting from within the boundaries of your company!

  • Never Stop Innovating Your Brand

In order for your brand to grow into something larger than life, you have to keep at it for a very long time. stay true to what your brand is building. Make it seep through everything your company has to offer. Sooner or later, that brand will spread, and more and more people will become aware of it.

Be consistent in everything. Your logos and designs, your brand voice, and personality. They should always be present no matter what. This way you’ll be remembered by those who get exposed to your company through these aspects.

You should also never stop promoting your own company. Remember, the first person to advocate your company will always be yourself. So continue to do so, and get your employees involved. No one knows your brand better than you, so it’s your duty to spread it to everyone!

Creating a brand is no easy task, even the most experienced branding studios in the Philippines will have a hard time doing so. However, a company without one will not survive the corporate world today. A brand is one of the most significant things you can do for your business. When done correctly, it can transform a small time business into a powerhouse!

Alchemist Multimedia: Your Go-To Branding Studio in the Philippines

Alchemist Multimedia Your Go-To Branding Studio in the Philippines

If you’re looking to expand your horizons, particularly in the business of improving your brand, the best place to go to for help would be Alchemist Multimedia. We offer a wide array of branding efforts that will surely turn your brand into a notable one for many people to see!

If you are in need of a brand activation agency in the Philippines, make sure you visit our website to learn more about the power of branding and how it can help you improve your business!

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