How Brand Studios in the Philippines Give Your Business More Exposure

How Brand Studios in the Philippines Give Your Business More Exposure

As a business owner, simply having good products and services is not going to be enough for your company to survive in this age. There are just too many competitors in almost any given industry, and each one of them is offering practically similar products with little differentiation. You may be wondering right now, why it seems so difficult for your business to attract customers, despite having items with higher quality than your competitors. It is most likely because your business hasn’t gained enough exposure through the help of brand studios in the Philippines.

In times like these, it is best to look to outside help for your business, and brand activation agencies in the Philippines are the ones best fit for the job. As the name suggests, they specialize in branding — a form of marketing. Studios and marketers use branding to make businesses more popular among a particular demographic by advertising their names until everyone automatically associates them with a certain experience. For example, Disney toys have become associated with fun for children thanks to the many kid-friendly movies they have put out over the years.

Brand studios will create and post offline and online advertisements for you regularly. This is because the more posts about your business that they make, the more you expose your brand to a wider audience. The more people see you, the more people remember your identity, reputation, and sets you apart from competitors.

These are different ways brand studios will give your business more exposure:

Giving Your Business A Story to Tell

Giving Your Business A Story to Tell

Everyone loves a good story. Whether it is in oral or written form, an intriguing narrative stirs our emotions, brings meaning to our lives, and gives everyone a greater understanding of the world we live in. Because of this facet of human nature, storytelling has become an effective marketing tool for businesses. It has the ability to attract loyal customer and turn a brand into a lasting legacy.

A solid narrative, written alongside a solid brand studio in the Philippines, can make your business more profitable by:


Providing a foundation for all your marketing efforts

Marketers have a hard time making their content display a clear message. No matter how grand their ideas may be for a business, it is worthless if it simply leaves customers more confused about what your brand stands for.

A well-thought story can already act as the company’s value proposition. A value proposition is both your promise to customers and the main reason why they should spend money on your products and services. You promise to solve a specific issue of your consumers with your creations in exchange for their loyalty.

This value proposition should become the message marketers want to speak of with every one of their content.


Making your brand more “human”

The bigger companies like Apple and Nike are successful not because of their products but also because of their world-changing visions. A world-changing vision is one people choose to believe in because they see how its creators are genuinely interested in positively affecting society. In short, showing your empathy and your humanity as a company draw more people to your brand.

Being empathetic means that you emotionally and cognitively understand human experiences. Harvard Business Review conducted a study in 2015 of the connection of this trait and business commercial success. They judged and ranked companies based on a Global Empathy Index and discovered that average earnings of the top 10 went up by 10%, while the average earnings of the bottom 10 dipped by 9%. Empathy has simply become a non-negotiable necessity for brands because their commercial success is affected by people’s perceptions of their “human” authenticity.

For example, Nike wants its brand to leave a positive impact on society by continuously creating competitive shoes which inspire athletes to become better. Because of their vision, Nike has become the top choice for customers for decades.

What do you want your brand to be remembered for by people? At the end of the day, people rather invest their loyalty in personal stories and humans over faceless entities.


Giving your business a competitive advantage

A story is a great competitive advantage, especially if your business operates on an online marketplace daily.  This is because customers’ decisions are affected more by emotions rather than logic. In a study done by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn, they researched the advantage purposeful short stories offer to seemingly insignificant items resold on the eBay marketplace. They concluded that these additional stories were able to make their resale prices higher than the original because it increased the value of the items in the eyes of consumers.


Creating A Memorable Brand Logo

Creating A Memorable Brand Logo

Brand studios in the Philippines will always ask their clients for any suggestions that they may have for their brand’s logo. This is because they understand why good brand design always comes first.

A well-designed logo makes heads turn. It could be the color or maybe the way it is drawn, but there is just something about the images that attract the eyes of potential customers. A memorable brand logo clearly communicates the vision of your company from the get-go. It can make a solid first impression and most importantly, it separates you from the competition. Overall, the brand logo is a visual representation of everything your business stands for.

When it comes to designing your logo, brand studios in the Philippines take these things into consideration:

  • The personality of your business
  • Popular design trends and consumer behavior
  • Insights gained from exploring other company logos
  • The color palette of your brand
  • Visual elements (text type, shape, layout)

Before you and the studio start the creative process of logo designing, it is important to research your target audience e.g. their psychology, the trends they gravitate towards to, etc. Your company may have certain ideas of how your brand visual should look like, but those preferences are second to the needs of your consumers. Additionally, research about other company logos is vital to ensure that your own will not be a copy of anyone else. All of these critical information ensures that your logo will be a success with the target audience.

Once research about important information is finished, the creative process can then begin. The studio will create the logo with your business’s color palette, desired visual elements, and the visual elements of the audience all in mind. After the initial draft is made, it is now time for tests. To know the reaction of your market, they will the gauge the draft designs appeal in different environments.


Using the Internet to Reach More Users

Using the Internet to Reach More Users

For every brand studio in the Philippines, internet marketing is nigh non-negotiable. Internet popularity equals high brand recognition, meaning many online users can recognize your business automatically if they constantly see your brand in their smartphones and laptops. If your business is a small one, maximizing online resources is also the cheapest way to efficiently gain a loyal customer base.

How does a brand studio use to the internet to your company’s advantage?
They take advantage of it by:


Making sure your company is active on social media

Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are filled to the brim with product advertisements. What you might not know, however, is that all of those did not arrive at your social media (SM) newsfeed by accident. In fact, each advertisement is carefully calculated by brands to attract SM users who seem to fit their target audience profile.

The power of SM on a brand’s popularity is undeniable despite being difficult to quantify. According to a 2013 study by Nielsen on paid social media advertising, marketers are using this platform to support their offline advertising efforts, accomplish branding objects, and measure the impact of internet popularity on sales. Two-thirds of the businesses who participated in this study saw how SM efforts attributed to a higher increase in sales.

Because of these important insights, a brand studio will suggest your company to start with an SM profile such as a group or product page on Facebook. This profile will allow you to interact with your followers and post important content and updates for them to see. These content can vary from advertisements, blogs, marketing events, and more. What matters is that it pushes users to engage with your business.

As you engage with more followers, these people, in a way, become marketing efforts on their own thanks to the concept of “multiplier effect”. Their talk brings exposure to more users by talking about your brand casually to their friends. Besides talking about your brand, they also help advertise your company by sharing your profile posts on their newsfeed, using brand-related hashtags, and starting conversations through product reviews.


Taking your website to the first page of search rankings

If you can make it in Google search engines, your business can make it anywhere. Due to the different developments in the search engine, optimizing it has become an important strategy for marketers everywhere.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of tools and practices which are used by marketers so websites receive traffic. The higher the traffic from users, the higher your business website rankings will be.

SEO will make your company website rank better by:

  • Making the website design very user-friendly.
  • Producing quality content, such as blog posts and landing pages for your target audience by building them around keywords based on their needs.
  • Building hyperlinks to increase your visibility.
  • Making sure the website fits Google standards.

All of these requirements are taken into consideration so that more people can know your company name in Google. The better your website is with content, design, and reaching Google standards, the higher its chances of going on the first page. People who type certain keywords in the search engine will not bother looking at websites in the second page of the Google Search Results. They already know the best ones appear on the first page.


Making Advertisements for Public Spaces

Making Advertisements for Public Spaces

While marketing efforts online are very important, the things that you do offline in public also matter. When putting up public advertisements, you can simply use your logo or use other images that will give a good visual representation of your brand.

The different types of advertisements your business can use to reach more people are:



Posters, especially large, eye-catching ones are versatile because you can hang them up in several places, including lamp posts, malls, train stations, and even offices. Because of their versatility in terms of location, brand studios in the Philippines will make different poster versions depending on where you plan to place it. Some advertisements may need to bigger and bolder in a crowded place like a mall, but the same sort of image in a community office board may come off as too loud for viewers.

When it comes to poster layout, you have to take into account its main purpose, the vital information it needs to present, and the interests of the target audience.


Logo signs

A logo sign is a simple but effective statement piece of advertising. First, a good and sign will show your brand promise to the customers clearly. Second, a sign that is clean and in no need of repair will give an impression of reliability to first-time viewers. Lastly, people are more likely to notice a business that has a logo sign outside their office in the streets than their competitors that do not have one.



Billboard advertisement is one of the largest outdoor public advertisements you can opt for. You see them whenever you walk the streets and drive high-traffic highways. Their size makes them hard to ignore, thus making them useful for marketing your brand. With these advertisements, it is best to go with short yet sweet content. The most effective ones only have a maximum of six words.


Build Your Business’s Popularity With Alchemist Multimedia

Brand popularity ultimately means more business profit and loyal customer support. You need to constantly expose your company to target audiences and even people outside of your market because it is the only way you can build popularity. Without popularity, it is hard for any company to survive. There is no one to remember your legacy or mission and no person will also look forward to your new products and services.

But doing it on your own can be very difficult. Not only is brand marketing a costly operation, but it also takes a certain level of expertise to do right. Alchemist Multimedia is just the branding studio in the Philippines that you need to help your business popularity grow! If you are interested to know more about what we can do for you, click here!

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