The Recipe to Finding the Right Brand Activation Agency in the Philippines

The Recipe to Finding the Right Brand Activation Agency in the Philippines

Connecting with your audience through your brand requires for you to know the right mix and balance to the whole process. This is where a brand activation agency in the Philippines comes in. The perfect team will help you find interesting ways to connect with people and immerse with them through your brand.

A brand activation agency in the Philippines should be able to help you establish recognition and, later on, success. But before this could happen, you need to be mindful of a few factors. There is also a so-called recipe that you can follow to be successful eventually. Keep reading to learn more.

Your Free Taste of Brand Activation

Your Free Taste of Brand Activation

If you have no clue what brand activation is, this will be your chance to dive in on the basics and the importance of the practice. Acknowledging that your branding needs much attention is the first step. The next one you should take is to learn more about brand activation. Here is some info for you to read:


Defining Brand Activation

Brand activation is a term that has been thrown around in many industries for quite some time now. The emergence of digital technologies – such as IOT devices in the Philippines – has made it easier to innovate and make room for strategies which improve this general practice. Simply put, brand activation is making the public aware of what your company does. It is building an ideal brand and aiding it with positive actions in accordance with what your target market needs.

Brand activation eliminates traditional methods of putting your company out there. Gone are the days when sales processes are a be-all, end-all method. The reality is, the simplicity of the buy-sell relationship among brands and customers does not work anymore.

Brand activation is all about establishing a relationship with your customer in the hopes that your product or service will benefit their life in a significant way. Brand activation is equated to forming a bond with your client. Achieving this means that you are prepared to educate, empower, and enrich the lifestyle of your buyer.

Making your brand known does not end at face value. Increasing awareness and engagement is banked upon by creating experiences. Whether these experiences are profound or innovative is totally up to your company. Activating a brand is like breathing life into it.

Go back to the time when you are thinking of a name for your brand, would you imagine that a lot of people would know it as soon as you mentioned it? Brand activation is the remedy to anonymity. A reliable brand activation agency in the Philippines will help people identify your brand and the rest will follow suit.


Overview of Brand Activation

The rise of social networking sites and other digital media provides better traction for brand activation. The increasing number of channels should also accommodate the increasing amount of demand for a particular brand. Introducing your brand to people or revamping it as you see fit would be significantly aided by brand activation by a number of methods.

Let’s take a look at some of those methods.


Experiential marketing

Fleeting surges of information in media and the spur of viral content in the digital media influences people to be particular on what they pay attention to. In order to leave an imprint on people’s minds, your brand should be experienced firsthand by those who you aim to serve. Brand activation makes use of ‘experiential marketing’ to increase awareness on brand campaigns and the like.

Campaigns are powerful ways to immerse people in what your brand would like to achieve for its market. Top companies – such as Coca-Cola – make use of this method by giving people a firsthand account of what their product means to them. This approach to experiential marketing makes the features of brand activation more personal for people. Ultimately, this will leave a great impression on them in the long run, therefore, making your brand a household name all by itself.

Sampling campaigns

Just like experiential marketing, sampling campaigns give people the opportunity to try your products. The difference is, this approach is more straightforward than experiential marketing. Giving out free samples of a new product is an age-old technique to introduce your brand, but it still works.

Why? Because timely and creative ways to do it have been thought up by brand activation agencies and companies. Sampling campaigns aim to make your brand as visible as it can be. To do this, you have to identify the locations where people are. In order for your product to be seen, you need people’s awareness and authentic engagement with it.

In-store brand activation

This type of strategy is also a great way to activate a brand. In-store promotions or events would allow you to create an experiential element for customers. Making your brand tangible and interactive would pave the way for its introduction. With the help of a collaborative agency, you can use immersive technology which will sustain a person’s interaction with your brand.

For those of you who are planning to launch your brand, brand activation is a sure way to have people be aware of it.

Importance of Brand Activation

Customers do not usually like the feeling that a product or service is being pushed towards them. Outright hard selling is being frowned upon especially in the age of YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms (try to notice how fast viewers click the ‘skip ad’ option).

Here are a few things to remember about the importance of brand activation:


It establishes trust

Flowery words, when connected with sales, do not get the job done. At least not on the first try. Brand activation prevents hard sell techniques when it comes to interacting with customers. Instead, it uses trust as a way to establish a progressive bond to the demands of the market. Trust guarantees that people will believe the product/service/idea you are selling. Your company’s value all depends on how much trust people put into it.

Yes, it is not simple to build a trusting relationship with customers. Products, services, and brand values—all of this would provide more meaning if your customer trusts you. The plan to achieve a successful brand activation strategy should be backed up by a foundation of trust since establishing a memorable brand calls for this principle.

It drives consumer engagement

Engagement is not just about customers acknowledging your brand but it is also about how they receive its significance into their lifestyle. An example of this is the way brand activation influences word-of-mouth in accordance to how you want to present your brand. Through experiential events and viral growth, consumer participation will be rampant.

With the help of a brand activations agency, your company will see increased consumer engagement, especially if you aim to have a positive perception of your brand.

Brand activation encompasses the way your brand is presented to people, making it more beneficial in the long run.

Improves brand ranking

Brand ranking will increase naturally, thanks to brand activation. This is included in the run-through of the importance of this process because as relationships and engagements grow, so do your brand. Strategies are kings when it comes to brand activation, having an agency will be efficient in terms of this facet.

An authoritative brand ranking will give you many opportunities to find relevant markets that will benefit from your products and services. With the help of brand activation, you would not need any more advertising to let people know who your brand is.

5 Ingredients You Need to Tell Your Brand Story

5 Ingredients You Need to Tell Your Brand Story

Everything begins with a story. Your brand would not be heard if it does not have a story to tell; but it should not just be any story, it should be an impactful one. There is no secret formula for achieving success from your stint with brand activation but there are ingredients which can help take you a step closer to this. Finding the right activation agency would mean that they are well equipped with methods and strategies which are laced with these ingredients which will help you create strong and memorable stories.


The best and most interesting stories may take time but they often are worthwhile. No matter where you come from, you tend to listen to ones that you find fascinating. Let’s face it; there are brands that are clawing at the chance to capture the attention of people. Remember, a meaningful story goes beyond what the brand creates because it cares about the people’s needs. In short, it has a purpose.


A brand story should bank on experiences rather than linear knowledge. There is no doubt that your story has so many details. However, you must identify which part is impactful and relevant. This is important because you should have a personal approach to telling your stories as this will build a larger channel that will improve your reach.

A great brand story is not just about piquing the interest of people. It should also be about making them a part of it.


Humans are innately emotional. Brand stories should touch upon this quality by providing the right amount of emotion and empathy in its content.

Affecting the way people think and feel means that your storytelling techniques are effective. Triggering emotions should be done with utmost care and inspired by the most positive perception that it can receive.


You do not have to obtain fireworks and flashy signs to be noticed. Being simple holds its own ground as the perfect ingredient in telling a brand story. Simple stories hold more personal and emotional qualities than those that are created in a large-scale setting. Identify a singular focus and use this as inspiration. Do not stuff your content with so much information only to confuse your audience.


Honesty is the key to authenticity. Being transparent will gain your audience’s trust. This means that authenticity is also a key factor of brand stories. With this, aim to be consistent in both creativity and intent. This will be the reason why people can easily identify and trust your content with ease.

Directions on Collaborating with the Perfect Brand Activation Agency in the Philippines

Directions on Collaborating with the Perfect Brand Activation Agency in the Philippines

When it comes to finding the right agency, you have to collaborate with one that can develop intelligent strategies for the purpose of creating world-class brands. Speaking to the modern consumer requires innovation and flexibility in terms of strategies. If you are ready to take the leap into brand activation, then make sure that the agency you have found can provide you with these types of strategies:

  • Brand Strategy & Position
  • Brand Story
  • Message & Tone of Voice
  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Logos & Iconography
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging & Product ID
  • Retail & Interiors

Ask your prospective agency if they are willing to go through it all with you from the start because working to make the brand known is not easy. An efficient brand activation agency in the Philippines will work with you in creating a new brand or if you are looking to reposition an existing one.

Brand activation is a continuous progress that you need to nurture. It works just like any relationship; you need to be loyal to one even if there are plenty of brand activation options. Your chosen brand activation agency in the Philippines should be able to assist you to put your brand out there.


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We are more than happy to help you achieve a results-driven brand activation agenda that focuses on building trust between your brand and your consumers. If you are interested to know more, click here and we will talk to you about growing your business with passion!

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