IoT Devices in the Philippines: Expectations vs. Reality

IoT Devices in the Philippines Expectations vs. Reality

What should you think about when comparing the expectations and realities of IoT devices?

  1. Security features
  2. Value for price
  3. Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting

People who talk about IoT devices usually talk about how fast the industry is rising, and how, in a few years, everywhere you go will be filled with IoT devices. In the Philippines, it’s quite true, but there are only very few people who fully embrace the life of having smart devices. In fact, IoT devices are mostly used as corporate gadget giveaways.

With that being said, a lot of people have different perspectives when it comes to IoT devices. There are so many people that find these devices either useful or a complete waste. It’s because when it comes to technology, people have a very high standard. The world today is filled with different kinds of inventions, services, and software that already make everyday life easier in their own ways. Because of this, it’s hard to appease people with more technology that makes life even more convenient.

To be honest, the majority of people in the Philippines are already knowledgeable about smart devices to some extent. But most of the time, they don’t know about it enough, that’s why some tend to think it’s not worth it.

Find out just how effective IoT devices really are by clearing up the assumptions that people have about it!

Security Features

Security Features

After the initial outburst of IoT devices, one of the most disturbing flaws that it had was its lack of security. These devices require its owner to input personal information, oftentimes your credit card information as well. And the first few smart home devices were very prone to hacking. Because of this, a lot of people have assumed that whatever improvements that an IoT device gets, these problems will still persist. The flaws that were found have made their mark and has already pushed a few people away from ever using smart home devices.

In reality, IoT devices still don’t have any kind of standard when it comes to security features. Because of many companies manufacturing IoT devices, there hasn’t been one company that puts themselves at the top. Even with a lack of a dedicated company, there has been an incredibly large improvement to the security features of every IoT devices. They are still designed to have open networks, but now, hackers won’t be able to get in so easily.

Value for Price

When people choose to buy things, the first thing that they consider is how much they cost along with how useful that is. When it comes to IoT devices, people have had doubts about buying purely because of how expensive they are. During the first few months of IoT devices being out, they were sold for a high price. It was almost considered to be a luxury that only those who are capable can bring. This can be because some products were somewhat less appealing than others during the time when initial innovations were being brought to IoT devices.

Again, all of these are assumptions born from previous iterations of IoT devices. Right now, IoT devices are relatively cheap. It’s become very accessible for so many people. With that being said, its accessibility is further supplemented by just how useful it is in our daily lives. There are many IoT devices that are indeed very convenient. With a few more years used in improving and upgrading these devices, it has resulted in amazing products that people definitely pay to use.

Installation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

Installation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

People see IoT devices differently from your average products. Your household items are the same as any other objects that you have at home. They need to be manually operated and looked after. Some have a few more advanced features as well. IoT devices are expected to be incredibly easy to operate. Some even thought of them as plug-and-play devices that you would just leave and never have to check out again. There are also people that expect IoT devices do not require any kind of maintenance, and even with the security flaws that it experienced, troubleshooting is supposed to solve the problem!

In reality, IoT devices in the Philippines are known for their plug-and-use capabilities. But aside from that, they also give you a sense of customization. You can program them to do things based on your preferences or you can set an alarm for when they should work. When it comes to maintenance, IoT devices need very little. Some IoT devices are already designed to be self-sufficient, sometimes even charging themselves when they’re low on power. Finally, troubleshooting IoT devices isn’t difficult. Not with all the instructions that can be found in their operating manuals. Aside from that, the Internet makes it very easy for you to look for solutions online!

Key Takeaway

Even when IoT devices are usually just corporate gadget giveaways, they can be a great addition to any home when you talk about making things convenient. Right now, it’s important to take note of how IoT devices are more than just giveaways, they can also become a part of your house, making it a smart home!

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