Will IoT Devices in Manila Impact Modern Living?

Will IOT Devices in Manila Impact Modern Living

What aspects of modern living will IoT devices impact?

  1. Smart homes
  2. Exercise and health
  3. Business processes



The proliferation of IoT devices in Manila has brought a whole new level of convenience and comfort to the Philippines. These devices made smart homes something achievable for the majority of people instead of it being a luxury for only a few. Now that everyone has access to the latest in IoT technology, you can now easily equip your home or business establishment with items that will make things easier!

IoT technology has been out in the market for quite a long time now—previously something primarily for luxury. But with all of the advances, IoT was able to encapsulate even the simplest of home items! Now your Bluetooth speaker can be a virtual assistant, helping you with searching for information on the Internet or by enabling the other devices that are connected to it.

With that being said, IoT devices are seen to be something that’s supposed to make a big splash wherever used. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Those who are using IoT devices are experiencing something extraordinary. Though mostly found in smart homes, you might also find it in other applications all around you! If you keep your eyes open, you might just see the many different ways IoT devices are affecting modern lifestyles!



Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Usually, the first thing that people think about when they hear the concept of IoT devices is that smart homes are the epitome of modern lifestyle change. The main function of IoT devices is to make the lives of people easier through various specific means. From lightbulbs that automatically adjust in brightness, or can be put on whatever setting you choose, to your alarm clock that signals your shower to turn on when you stop it. The interconnectivity of IoT devices adds an extra function to all of your household items—no longer will you manually do everything yourself. Just program your devices to do it for you!

A great example that can be used to show just how IoT devices can make your life more convenient is the Amazon Alexa, the virtual assistant that comes alongside the Bluetooth speakers—Amazon Echo. Alexa acts as a literal virtual assistant, especially when you connect it with your other IoT devices. By simply voicing out your command, you can do all sorts of things that your IoT devices are capable of. You can turn on or off your lights around your house, you can turn on your microwave. You can even go as far as let Alexa order your pizza for you!



Exercise and Health Monitoring

It may come as a surprise for some to say that some armbands that you wear every time you jog outside are considered an IoT device. But these armbands that are connected to your phone by some application are also IoT devices that focus on monitoring your health and tracking your progress in the gym!

The smartwatches and wristbands that you wear in the gym or anytime you exercise offer you a very personalized look into your fitness activities. Some apps that are connected to these devices can give you not just a detailed report on your health, and they may also provide you with a guideline on what you should do in order to achieve your fitness goal!

Some of the more advanced IoT devices for fitness can even connect you with experts on what training regime you should do along with a schedule and the difficulty of the exercise.



Business Process

Business Process

IoT devices are also increasingly being used in businesses to help optimize processes in a number of ways. Some stores with their own applications to track the habits and behaviors of different customers. The data that’s gathered here is supposed to be paired with existing customer profiles and analyzed to identify patterns in a buyer’s routine and such.

Some IoT devices are used within the business, mostly as a way to keep track of other devices that are used. IoT equipment with sensors is mostly used to monitor and identify malfunctions that happen with other machines. When it discovers an issue, it would automatically notify the people in charge that the machine needs repairs. Another application of IoT devices in businesses is for higher standards in quality control. With a series of sensors and cameras, IoT devices can bring about more precise calculations—ensuring better and higher quality!



Key Takeaway

In Manila, IoT devices are becoming the new craze. Everyone and their mother are already contemplating on getting one themselves! These devices give users so much more convenient that it is something that would benefit anyone that can get it!

This article talked about IoT devices and their impact and uses in three essential parts of life: your home, your job, and your lifestyle. But take note that IoT devices are not limited to these three alone, IoT devices can be used in all walks of life and in all industries! Since it’s a concept that can easily consume other items into its scope, the Internet of Things (IoT) is useful in virtually any place it is applied and utilized!

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