A Look into The Internet of Things

A Look into The Internet of Things

What are some key factors that you should know about the Internet of Things?

  1. How IoT first came to be
  2. What IoT can bring
  3. IoT devices living up to their expectations



A recent trend is IoT devices in the Philippines. Because of how accessible they have become, more and more people are now getting introduced to the Internet of Things! There are many providers of smart devices in Manila, and all of them will probably have the personnel and the information to educate the people about what the Internet of Things are.

In essence, the Internet of Things refers to the many physical devices that can be connected to the internet. These devices are able to collect data from one device and store or share it with other devices that are connected! Since there’s a large collection of cheap processors and wireless networking options, the potential of making anything into an IoT device is limitless. Creating IoT devices is basically giving your everyday objects a form of intelligence. This way, the devices are able to communicate with both humans and other smart devices.

The proliferation of IoT devices is considered to be one of the marvels that technology has given us. It’s sure to bring a lot of benefits to humanity as long as continuous advancements occur! With that being said, IoT devices took quite some time to get to the place where it is now. Learn how the Internet of Things came to be and find out more about what it’s supposed to bring to society!



How Did IoT First Come to Be

How Did IoT First Come to Be?

Based on history, the idea of integrating sensors and artificial intelligence into household items was discussed throughout the late 80s and 90s. Multiple projects were initiated in order to experiment on these but had mediocre results. During those times, the technology was not advanced enough to support the idea.

That being said, as soon as Internet connections became more accessible and processors became cheap and less power-hungry, the projects started up again—ultimately giving birth to the first few iterations of IoT devices in the world. The Internet of Things capitalized on the adoption of RFID tags (low-power chips that can communicate wirelessly). And lastly, the adoption of IPv6 provided enough IP address for probably every device in the world!

As soon as all of these technological advancements lined up and became available, IoT devices became a reality. And this has resulted in countless smart devices becoming available in the market.



What Can IoT Bring?

The Internet of Things is a giant of its own. It can be discussed in great depth, particularly when you think about the many benefits it can bring to society. That being said, IoT devices, during the start of its relevance had a problem when it comes to security. Because of its innate mechanisms, it became very open to outside forces. Most of the first generation of IoT devices were very susceptible to hacking because their security procedures were relatively weak. That being said, the recent iterations of IoT devices have very high-security protocols, eliminating almost every security risks that were once a threat.

With that in mind, focusing on the other benefits that IoT devices is always the way to go! Here is a list of what IoT devices can bring to those who use it!

  1. Increase communication – smart devices, in general, encourages communication between devices and their users. IoT devices are equipped with mechanisms that can easily facilitate M2M or Machine-to-Machine communication. Making it easier to perform step-by-step processes.
  2. Automation – maximizing the capabilities that the internet and being controlled digitally provides, IoT devices have few automations implemented into its inner workings. This basically ensures that the device can function without the need for too much human intervention.
  3. Extensive Monitoring – IoT devices are usually equipped with sensors that keep track of or even measure certain stimulus. These devices make use of the information provided to exercise their main function, and it’s also stored for the users to monitor.



Are IoT Devices Living Up to the Hype

Are IoT Devices Living Up to the Hype?

After talking about most of the aspects that make IoT devices such an amazing technology, the question then stands: do IoT devices live up to the hype that surrounded them? During the past decades, IoT devices, particularly in the Philippines has been in the spotlight. Most tech sites would always be updated on the state of IoT devices.

That being said, disregarding the initial blunder of security protocols, IoT devices are looking even better as time goes on. This is because technology is improving at a very high pace. Even some of the earlier versions of IoT devices get to be upgraded, most of the time for free, as soon as an advancement happens to its line of products. All in all, IoT devices are surely living up to their hype!



Key Takeaway

Smart devices all around in the Philippines are part of the Internet of Things. They are incredibly convenient and have been in development for quite some time now. There hasn’t been any notion of a perfect IoT device as of the moment, but that’s to be expected because every now and then, an improvement is found and is applied to the greatness that is IoT devices!

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