The Importance of an IoT Platform

The Importance of an IoT Platform

What is the significance of having an IoT platform?

  1. They are used for various tasks
  2. They supplement what devices lack
  3. They provide the needed data and connectivity services


On their own, IoT devices in the Philippines are more or less just another household item that can be connected to the Internet. You won’t be able to maximize its capabilities without using an IoT Platform. Today, IoT platforms are almost a necessity for anyone who has multiple smart devices in Manila. Manually connecting all of your IoT devices with each other is a hassle. Making use of IoT Platforms to enable this will make things significantly easier and more convenient for you!

There is a number of different types of IoT platforms. Each of them with their own particular job in the IoT landscape. With that said, having the proper IoT platform is essential in creating a home or workplace that incorporates IoT devices effectively!

Learn more about the Importance of IoT Platforms by reading on.


IoT Platforms Have Various Tasks

IoT Platforms Have Various Tasks

Not all platforms are the same. Primarily, there are four different kinds of IoT platforms that see use in multiple places. Although the more advanced platforms are technically a fusion of these 4, it’s still important to understand why each of these kinds of platforms is important to its overall system.

  • Connectivity Platforms

These platforms focus mostly on connecting the IoT devices via telecommunication networks. It ensures that all of the devices have a safe, and secure connection with the specific telecommunication networks. With that said, it rarely enhances the processing and enrichment of other, different sets of sensor data.

  • Iaas Backends

Infrastructure-as-a-service Backends provide hosting space and processing power for the applications and services. They were originally optimized for desktop and mobile applications, however, now that IoT is already a force on its own, it needs something that focuses on itself alone. These are very important for most IoT devices because a good number of them are only equipped with a very small and weak processing chip. The extra processing power provided by Iaas Backends will not only make them run faster, but also improve its overall performance!

  • Hardware-specific Software Platforms

Some IoT devices in the Philippines are sold with their own exclusive software backend. Most of the time considered as an IoT platform. It’s a device or brand specific platform that is usually not compatible with other smart devices found in Manila.

With that said, there’s a lot of discussion regarding whether or not these should be considered otherwise. However, their significance to the functionalities of the specific devices it supports is not something that should be ignored.

  • Consumer Software Extensions

There are a number of existing enterprise software packages and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10. These are what allow IoT devices to get integrated. Without these extensions, there will be a few IoT devices that won’t see any kind of incorporation!


IoT Platforms Should Supplement What Devices Lack

At the end of the day, the most important function that IoT platforms are supposed to perform is to enable connectivity between devices. Keep in mind that IoT devices are designed to be connected with other IoT devices and to the cloud. However, on their own, most IoT devices have a very weak system that provides relatively subpar services.

In essence, an IoT device will probably work at around 40 to 50% of its efficiency on its own. Add an IoT platform into the equation (preferably a true end-to-end platform) and you’ll see the full potential of IoT devices in action!


IoT Platforms Provide Needed Data and Connection Services

IoT Platforms Provide Needed Data and Connection Services

Smart devices undeniably thrive when it comes to gathering information. The more data the gadget has, the better it’s understanding of its environment will be! In fact, gathering data points and integrating them with your IoT devices is absolutely fundamental in the IoT industry.

IoT platforms will make it way easier for you to keep your devices updated as well as connected to their necessary service providers. Take note that these smart devices are only as advanced as their software. As long as they’re continually inputted with data and information, all of your IoT devices will be as advanced as possible at all times!

On their own, smart devices are simply gadgets outfitted with a few connectivity options. However, when you make use of an IoT platform that is already equipped with various software, aspects, and loads of data, your devices will surely get a data upgrade, ultimately improving their efficiency and performance!


Key Takeaway

Smart homes are rapidly growing in their widespread popularity. With the advent of constant innovation, IoT devices in the Philippines are no longer a luxury for the select few. It’s very accessible to everyone. That said, these devices alone are nothing special. Incorporate IoT platforms and see your smart devices shine! The added connectivity, processing power, and sometimes device-specific supplements will surely improve their performance and overall efficiency by a huge amount!

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