3 Essential IoT Devices in the Philippines for Smart Home Aficionados

3 Essential IOT Devices in the Philippines for Smart Home Aficionados

What kind of IoT device should you seek out as a budding enthusiast?

  1. Smart home speaker
  2. Robotic vacuums
  3. Smart home security


The growing need for IoT devices in the Philippines is breathtaking. The number of devices connected to the Internet has reached staggering amounts—and this is all thanks to the proliferation of the Internet of Things. Because of how fast technology is advancing, more and more devices become viable in becoming a smart device. This also entails more devices will have the capability to connect to the Internet, further increasing what they can do!

No longer are IoT devices simply used as corporate gadget giveaways. They’re considered by some as a very essential part of a person’s life! Not only are they made to reduce the amount of work a normal person has to do, but some of them are specialized to do some tasks even better than anyone would!

With that being said, there are countless IoT devices that have been introduced to the world. They come in all forms—from vacuum cleaners, and thermostats, to pillows and shirts! As long as there’s a niche worth entering, you’ll probably find an IoT device that suits it perfectly. Here’s a short list of IoT devices that are, in general, must-haves for any IoT enthusiast out there!


Smart Home Speakers

Smart Home Speakers

In the past few years, music streaming has become a giant of its own. Music streaming platforms such as Spotify has quickly risen above as one of the most used and popular applications out there. That being said, you need more than just your average speaker to liven up your home.

Bluetooth speakers used to be the best option for a house-wide concert. But for an even better experience, smart home speakers should be the best in line. Smart speakers will enable you to connect with your device through the music streaming platform, and then configure multi-room setups! A set of smart speakers will make your home a personal concert stage, with music everywhere you go.

But it doesn’t stop there, one of the reasons why IoT devices in the Philippines are so popular is Amazon’s Alexa, a digital assistant provided by the Amazon Prime services. Most smart home speakers have built-in voice recognition, which enables its user to interact with it by simply requesting things to be done.

It can be used to order things online, or switch up the music all through voice commands! But the true power of IoT devices is seen when they’re interconnected with one another. Amazon’s Alexa will enable you to control all your other IoT devices through voice control! To some people, smart home speakers are vital in operating the many smart home devices that they have!


Robotic Vacuums

If you’re tired of all the cleaning that you need to be done in your home, robotic vacuums are probably your best bet! They function as slow-moving robots that continuously looks for and sucks up dust and dirt all over the floor of your home. They’re the type of smart device that can be left alone. Some versions are equipped with self-docking for charging and app-based programming features.

Although not necessarily a mind-blowing feature, these robotic vacuums will continue to roam your house in search of dust and dirt. And for some, it can be a fascinating sight to behold. It’s like watching one of your pets walking around your house looking for something. Interestingly enough, these robots can double as a plaything for your pets! Just make sure that they don’t play with it too hard or it might get a few scratches!


Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security

One of the best applications of IoT devices is for the security of your property, belongings, and yourself! Since they all take up the guise of your normal gadgets and equipment, IoT devices are also some of the more concealed security options for you to have!

For example, home surveillance cameras are already a norm in not just homes, but corporate security as well. To most people, the typical surveillance camera is very recognizable. However, smart security cameras come in different forms. For example, the Netatmo presence camera literally looks like a simple light fixture. It also gives the user the ability to control the light manually or to turn on automatically. It also has a special recognition technology that is able to determine whether the motion is of a human, an animal, or a car. Apart from highly advanced recognition, you can also customize the notification you can get for each category!


Key Takeaway

IoT devices in the Philippines has risen in popularity, as with its worldwide presence. The once popular corporate gadget giveaway has turned into something far more essential for human living! Today, there are a number of IoT devices that are a necessity for those who really want to enjoy their potential. For starters, take a look at the IoT devices mentioned above and see just how much potential they have!

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