Enhancing Your Workplace with IoT Devices in the Philippines

Enhancing Your Workplace with IoT Devices in the Philippines

What do IoT devices provide to the workplace?

  1. Augmented workspaces
  2. Telepresence
  3. Digital assistance
  4. Access control


IoT devices in Manila have been a trend not just for residential applications but also for several commercial and industrial areas as well. Because it’s such a powerful piece of technology it has transformed workplaces into areas in which people and machines function together in unison.

Nowadays, most work-related duties are shared between the versatile workforce and the many reliable devices that a company has. For many offices in Manila, smart devices have a positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of the business.

The capability of IoT devices to stay connected within their own network of devices simulates a unique kind of ecosystem. Employees use this environment as a virtual workspace that has the same concept as a modern office but is more device-based.

IoT devices bring about an entirely different level of convenience and assistance to the workplace, to be more specific, here are four ways they do so:


Augmented Workspaces

Starting off with factors that are more about individuals than the actual work themselves, IoT devices provide office workers with smart appliances that cater to their needs. For example, a common dispute among coworkers would usually be about the common temperature within the office. Some like it a little bit cold, while others like a bit of heat.

With IoT devices, there won’t be any need for bickering. The thermostat will adapt itself by learning your preferences. Through a set of initial manual settings, the device can learn and adapt its functionalities to your needs. This makes it less of a hassle for you and can even provide up to 60% in energy savings.

Aside from this, IoT devices can also create a better working environment for your through light management systems and other devices that can be used for your comfort.




Most companies have embraced the use of technology to communicate with business partners and clients from all over the world. Phone calls, video calls, and conference calls are already a norm for business people who work in sales and marketing. It provides more opportunities and better connectivity overall.

The convenience it brings, however, is barred from being a convenience because of poor internet connectivity, audio, and video quality. The less refined a call sounds and looks, the more inadequate it can be.

Conference calls that exhibit real-life meetings are what you should aim for. And thanks to the telepresence technologies of IoT devices, it’s becoming more of a standard than a luxury.

Staff can participate in said workplace conferences with certain virtual reality elements that make it a very intimate, sometimes oddly realistic event—even for those done through conference calls alone.


Digital Assistants

Virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa aren’t just for residential purposes. They have a business setting equipped with over 10,000 skills that will definitely help your business processes in a multitude of ways.

Alexa on its own can manage the whole arsenal of IoT devices that you have in your office. It can create a network for all of the shared devices distributed in various work locations, even those of different branches.

Once your team members and employees get access to her capabilities, they can freely set the tone for the work environment. They can use it to set schedules for virtual meetings, call clients and transfer it right away once they answer, or even just the simple tasks of organizing or searching for files.

Digital assistants provide an unprecedented level of ingenuity and convenience to those who trust in their capabilities.


Access Control

Access Control

Aside from making your job easier and more convenient, IoT devices can also be used as security systems. With conventional lock and keys slowly losing their relevance and being replaced by more advanced electronic alternatives, IoT devices, and other more specific security systems are becoming utilized by many companies.

IoT devices make use of specialized locks and simple smartphone apps to manage workplace security. Most, if not all, people that have tried it consider it a very innovative and amazing alternative to the usual access control systems. Cloud-based access control systems can easily give access to several different members of your organization and at the same time, provide those with authority to remotely lock or unlock certain areas in the establishment. You can also schedule when locks open or close.

Some of the more modern access control related IoT devices in Manila can be integrated with some of the most used business applications to make it easier for everyone to access certain areas of your business.


Key Takeaway

Smart devices in Manila can be used to improve the overall experience of employees in the workplace. When properly implemented, they can lead to an increase in productivity and satisfaction of employees. The automation of many tasks gives them more time to focus on work—making it a win-win situation for everybody.

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