Creating a Safer Home with IoT Devices

Creating a Safer Home with IoT Devices

How can IoT devices make your homes safer?

  1. Smart surveillance
  2. Smart locks
  3. Smart awareness


Home automation is a new trend among new homeowners. IoT devices in Manila are slowly becoming a new sensation. They are popular for their amazing capabilities among a variety of different features. All over the Philippines, more and more people are acquiring smart home devices. In Manila, quite a number of residents and business owners are already patronizing some of the more popular products!

IoT devices are very adept in enhancing the state of home systems. Home security, for example, is rather easy to set up with all the security measures that can easily be implemented to any home or establishment, however, there are still some flaws to these systems. Especially since with a right amount of research and practical knowledge, delinquents can pass through these protocols.

With IoT devices, however, the rather cyclical nature of the traditional security system is enhanced by a group of smart, adaptable devices! When used properly, your home will be more secure. It will have better protection against unwanted intruders.

Take a look at these simple ways that IoT devices make your home a lot safer:


Smart Surveillance

Smart Surveillance

Security cameras are essentially a means to watch over your premises. They provide live footage of an area which can be accessed through a separate screen and data platform. Here, you can monitor what is happening in its line of sight.

Traditional surveillance cameras, however, have a slightly reduced quality for their feed and are heavily dependent on storage capacity. This introduces the problem—when something wrong does happen and someone was caught on the footage, it can be difficult to identify them because of the low-quality footage. Traditional cameras are also fairly obvious to anyone who sees them. It can act as a deterrent this way; however, it also presents just how far their line of sight is.

Smart security cameras, however, try to solve these issues in different ways. Sometimes, you’ll find them designed as light fixtures, so as to prevent anyone from easily identifying that they’re actually cameras; making them well-hidden and difficult to look out for. Most if not all smart surveillance cameras are also able to record video in 1080p – a very high and clear resolution. This is mostly because the video is stored in the cloud: an essentially limitless storage unit on the Internet. This makes identifying would-be-criminals and monitoring areas easier and more accurate.

What truly makes them smart is their sensitivity to anomalies. The cameras are programmed to notify you every time it records activity that is out of the norm—and for someone who truly values their homes, this is an incredible feature.


Smart Locks

Access control is something that is more popular in commercial establishments, particularly big companies and businesses that have several layers in their hierarchy. That doesn’t mean that simple homes can’t have this technology, though.

Traditional lock and key mechanisms can often be devastatingly simple. A key opens a lock. Without a key, no one can open a lock. A key can be duplicated, a lock can be picked, and a key can be lost, rendering the lock useless.

There’s a lot of disadvantages to using the traditional lock and key system, but it’s still the most accepted and used methods of securing doors and other containers.

Smart locks, however, take advantage of something that you always have—your smartphone. No keys mean it can’t be lost, stolen, or copied. This technology makes securing space a lot more convenient. You can lock or unlock doors through your smartphone. Some even have the capability to unlock doors simply through proximity levels.

Of course, you can still provide virtual keys to other people of trust. So you won’t always need your smartphone specifically. Its smartness revolves around machine learning and how it can keep track of people who use the keys, be it you or your family and friends.


Smart Awareness

Smart Awareness

This is a more general term for all the IoT devices. Since most of them are connected to each other and have a way of identifying their user, be it through sensors or personal data input, they have the capacity to know if someone different is using or taking them.

The connection that IoT devices in Manila have with other devices and your phone can come in handy when paired with certain security software. They can be used to monitor the house on their own.

Keep in mind, however, that IoT technology is still in its infancy. There are countless other ways for them to protect your homes. For now, their awareness comes in the form of sensors, voice recognition, and machine learning—but soon, it can become even more precise.


Key Takeaway

IoT devices have become such a widespread technology. The number of smart home devices in Manila alone can attest to its reach. That being said, they aren’t just for convenience and quality of life adjustments. They can also be used for as security devices, all for the protection and safety of your home.

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